It’s said that we are what we eat. The same is true for cattle. Fresh, nutritious silage is key to ensuring optimum health and performance. 

Containing unique strains of lactic acid bacteria, our science-based silage inoculants have been shown to enhance silage quality by improving fermentation, while inhibiting the growth of yeast and mold. 

FARMERS INPUT and FOCUS for 2-3 weeks in silage season will let your animals benefit for the next 365 days.

Quality IN Quality OUT

Silage Inoculants

SiloSolve MC

Bacterial inoculant for superior fermentation and microbial control of silage

SILOSOLVE® MC is a science-based, research-proven bacterial inoculant formulated for wet silages:

• Reduces Clostridial fermentation

• Improves dry matter recovery

• Reduces protein degradation and ammonia

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SiloSolve FC

Bacterial inoculant for improved fermentation and aerobic stability of silage

SILOSOLVE® FC is a science-based, research-proven bacterial inoculant formulated for all crops:

• Establishes an anaerobic environment rapidly and
  prevents spoilage

• Improves aerobic stability and dry matter recovery

• Attains excellent fermentation and aerobic stability –
  even at 7 days of ensiling 

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