Our product innovations stem from strong platforms in bioscience technologies


Establishing early microbiome robustness with GalliPro® Fit boosts gut epithelium protection in young chicks
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Strains Matter: Selected combinations is the key to a successful solution
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Microbiome stability: The challenge of modern broiler production
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Bacillus subtilis can create a protective Biofilm on the intestinal epithelium
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    Expanding on their microbial core for more than 149 years

    As a business partner of Chr. Hansen, ENVARTO prides itself on products and services from a strong platform in bioscience technologies combined with extensive research. The best innovative bacterial solutions for poultry, swine, cattle, and silage are produced from the world's largest commercial bank of bacterial strains. The ever-expanding range of probiotics and inoculants enables farmers to produce the high-quality, sustainable, and safe food that global consumers demand.

    Corporate Knights ranked our remarkable business partner Chr. Hansen as the most sustainable biotech company in the world in 2019, 2020 and 2021.


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